Colourful array of leisure activities

On a holiday at the Moarhof, variety is on the agenda. And adventure, and fun and recreation. In other words, everything you need for a great holiday. Look forward to amazing hikes, exciting attractions and exercise in the fresh mountain air. And to a local area where there are lots of wonderful things to discover…

Nature’s masterpiece: the Earth Pyramids

All it takes is a ten-minute walk before you can marvel at the rocky, pillar-like structures that rise up powerfully and impressively into the skies. The earth pyramids in Oberbozen have been created over the centuries by landslides, wind and erosion. A fascinating natural spectacle not at all far from the Moarhof.

Hiking with a view: Rittner Horn

Wonderful hikes and fabulous panoramic views: the two combine beautifully on our local mountain. The Rittner Horn, easily accessed by the gondola, is one of the most scenic mountains in the Dolomites. A hikers’ paradise in summer with trails to suit all tastes, a ski resort in winter with family-friendly slopes.

All aboard!

The Ritten is a great place to go for a scenic train ride. And twice at that! On the one hand you can take the modern cable car, which only takes 12 minutes to connect the sunny plateau with the lively city of Bolzano. But on the other hand you could also try the nostalgic narrow-gauge railway – incidentally the last of its kind in South Tyrol - which runs every half hour between Oberbozen and Klobenstein.

Swimming & ice skating: Lake Wolfsgrubner

In summer, Lake Wolfsgrubner is the perfect place for a refreshing swim in cool water. The lake, which developed naturally 200 years ago, is, incidentally, one of the cleanest fresh water lakes in Italy. In winter it is usually covered by a thick layer of ice and is great for skating.

A visit to the glacier mummy

Anyone coming to South Tyrol should drop by to see him: Ötzi, the man from the ice. He has been kept in the Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano since 1998. Three whole floors are devoted to probably the most famous glacier mummy in the world. It is an exciting tour with fascinating insights into a completely unknown time.

A gathering place for gourmets

Our trattoria

There’s always something happening at the Moarhof!

Our farm
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