A holiday paradise for families

A farm stay is a special experience for families. Everyone, from the young to the old, can cut loose to their hearts’ content, make friends with the animals and discover something new every day. At the Moarhof, the time seems to fly by, and at the end of the holiday people only want one thing: to come back again as soon as possible!

Fun animal friends

At the Moarhof, the animals set the pace. They give us good milk, fresh eggs and lots of love. And we make sure that they stay happy and healthy. Cows, rabbits, cats, chickens and sheep - they are all part of the big Moarhof family and love to be stroked by our guests.

In the thick of things instead of on the sidelines?

Of course! If you want to give us a helping hand in the barn or with the haymaking in summer, then go for it! At the farm there is always something to do, which is why helping hands are always welcome. And you will see for yourself: working with nature has a soothing effect, gives you energy and is a great experience.

A quick look back

Our family acquired the Moarhof in 1962. Since then, a lot has happened. Old buildings were demolished, and new ones built to replace them. We built a trattoria and two holiday apartments. Over the decades, with hard work and dedication three generations have created a special place where people live, work and holiday together.

Your own personal retreat

Our apartments

Exploring the Ritten

Surrounded by nature
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